Sunday, February 28, 2010

Turbo Pipeline Pro 2010 - Final Day

The man of the day, Amaury Lavernhe came out victorious after an epic display of bodyboarding talent.
Jared Houston piloting his way through a Pipeline bomb...
Jerry representing South Africa proudly!!
The Turbo Pipeline Pro 2010 presented by Body Glove has finally been won, with Pipeline saving the best for last with the comp ending on a high! The Banzai Pipeline was going of it's nut with perfect 8 to 12 feet Pipe and light offshore winds all day.
Amaury Lavernhe from Reunion Islands had the goods in the final with an outstanding combined wave total of 17.50, with a perfect 10 for an insane barrel to backflip. He then answered with a 7.5 for another huge barrel to roll.
Final Scores:
  1. Amaury Lavernhe 17.50
  2. Diego Cabrera 14.65,
  3. Jared Houston 14.20
  4. Damian King 10.75.
"I am so stoked, I can't believe it" Said Lavernhe "I have been here for 3 weeks and I have been training for this day. "I just took this heat by heat and I didn't want to think too much about the final".
Diego Cabrera, who has come off the back of a win at the last IBA World Tour event at Confital in December has continued his stellar competitive run.
'This is my dream, I am very very happy as this is the first time that I have ever been in a pipe final and the second time in a Grand Slam final" said Cabrera.
Though Jared Houston missed out on second only by .45 points, he was thrilled with his performance in the competition after spending over 3 months on the North Shore in preparation. Originally excluded for the event due to surfing in an unsactioned bodyboarding event, Houston was the one who spearheaded the campaign to the IBA riders board to have the ban lifted at the end of 2009. "I am so stoked, this is everything that I have been working towards this year so I am so happy that it has paid off" said Houston
Terry McKenna, the IBA International General Manager, who was also one of the key drivers behind this event is thrilled with how the comp rolled out in 2010. "There was not a better way to begin the 2010 IBA World Tour season" Said Terry. "Winning this event is only second to winning the world title, I am thrilled that Amaury has won this event as he is the deserved winner".
The 2010 IBA World Tour now moved to New South Wales in Australia for the Soldier Beach Pro International from April 12 to 18.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

David Hubbard wins Pipeline Pro Dropknee 2010

David Hubbard from Hawaii won The Foam Company Drop Knee Pipeline Pro contest on Thursday at the Banzai Pipeline. Hubbard is the 3-time defending world champion and showed why he is considered to be the best Dropknee rider in the world.

"He's such a good contest rider," Feast said of Hubbard. "Maybe it's the Hawaiian genetics. He's got these waves to hone his skills on and today it was perfect." - IBA

Full story on the Turbo Pipeline Pro 2010 FINAL DAY COMING SOON!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Turbo Pipeline Pro 2010 - Day2

Video: Turbo Pipeline Pro 2010 - Day 2

Day 2 of the Turbo Pipeline Pro presented by Body Glove served for some epic 6feet conditions. The waves did look a bit messy at times and great at others... "this means that the riders have to show there versatility to progress" said Terry McKenna the IBA General Manager who is very happy with the event so far. Apparently there is a 17 foot NW swell headed for the North Shore on Day 3. It will take another full day of surfing to conclude the event. So lets hope for some big swell and good times on Day 3.

"Hawaiian Vaj Lederman, who gained a local wild card into the event, ripped through all of his heats and was by far the stand out surfer of the day.In the round of 96 he put together a combined wave total of 16.90. This included a near perfect 10 for a huge double barrel at Backdoor" - IBA Website

Watch the event LIVE on Fluidzone

Hopefully we'll have a new Pipe Champ by the end of the day.

See you guys soon

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Turbo Pipeline Pro 2010 - Day 1

Turbo Bodyboards Pipe Pro day 1 from Alex Lewis on Vimeo.

Here is a video of Day 1 at the Turbo Pipeline Pro 2010.Drew Innocend was the rider of the day scoring some epic waves.Drew scored a 17.60 combined wave total in his round 3 heat. It is still early stages and a lot can happen. Will keep you posted. Check out the full story here on IBA

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Turbo Pipeline Pro 2010

It's this time of the year again when the IBA World Tour starts off with a bang in Hawaii at the Banzai Pipeline. I for one is very excited about the event and looking forward to what bodyboarding has to offer. In 2010 the IBA World Tour will hit 19 spots and 12 countries. This is amazing publicity for bodyboarding. Thanks to all the riders and sponsors that make our sport great. "Pipeline is the ultimate test of an athletes mental and physical abilities. 144 of the world’s best riders will all be vying for the top spot and success at Pipe can catapult a rider into instant global stardom" - IBA World Tour The window period for Turbo Pipeline Pro will start on 16 Feb 2010 and end on 26 Feb 2010. Check out the IBA website for the latest news and updates.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simon Heale

When you talk to Simon you realise that he has a total love for the sport of bodyboarding and everything that comes along with it.Simon is a true embassodor of the sport and always pushes for more! Simon and a few of his mates has also introduced tow out bodyboarding to the beaches of Cape Town! a real spectacular division to bodyboarding. I dig spending time with Simon as his positive approach to almost anything really rubs of on a person.

Simon slotted....

The interview....
Hey Simon!Tell us where you from?
Hey mate, Im from Edgemead, in Cape Town..its a not-so-close-to-the-beach little suburb that i love!
How long have you been bodyboarding?
Ah gees i reckon it must be ten years this year times flown!!
Tell us a bit about your missions and travels?
Ive been super privilaged to have been able to travel all over S.A with the sickest group of friends...done pretty much all the West coast, vbarring a few gems we still have to wrangle, and done all the East coast wich is always a good trip with the boys.Ive also just recently been over to Oz with Jared Houston and Jarret "Pik" Johnson. was an amazing trip that really opened my eye to the potential we have in this country of ours, both with riders and the spots.
Are you looking to travel in the near future?
yeah man, im never one to just stay at home, i love being on the move the whole time so im looking to travel for sure, like i said, we've got a good few West coast trips in the pipeworks which hopefully will turn out good as well as im thinking of doing Indo in just gona have to see how my funds work out. Otherwise its local trips for this year, then next year a bit of overseas travel.
What is you favourite spot in South Africa dude?
I wouldnt be able to say there's only one favourite man, we have such a selection of different kinds of waves its really sick! but my top few would definitly be The Hut, Koelbay, Tombstones, Gardens, and this recently found reef yet to be named. There's heaps of amazing places but those are my recent fav's!
....and your favourite spot across the waters?
The few spots i surfed over in Oz i would have to say The Box, Shark Island and most definitly Nuggen...i wasnt privilaged enought to score reallt good black rock, but im pretty certain that that would be my favourite from what ive seen it could do, we got it in pretty horrid conditions and it was still epic fun.
Tell us about your worst wipeout...Where did it happen?
I took one minor beating at Shark Island, i though i was going to get cut up for sure, but luckily nothing happened, just a good ol spanking. I reckon definitly my heaviest beat down was at Yzers on quite a solid day. Took a good sized one, hit the botto and drew my line for one MOTHERLESS i pulled up i misjudged the pull of the wave and got sucked straight through the roof and taken to the bottom. One MEGA beat down i came up the next wave was on my head. took a quick breath again and the same thing happened. BEATEN. this happened about 3 times in a row. i had no air and was freaking out. luckily Mr leash didnt snap so i stil had my board and could get in safe.
I hear you are progressing in the tow out scene in SA,tell me about it?
Yeah, a good crew of us have been giving it a few tests here and there. gotten a couple of really fun ones but nothing of epic proportions...YET!there been a couple of really big airs, but nothing like we will be getting. the vision is big! its such a sick new aspect to bodyboarding that hasnt really been tested too much in S.A....the ou's over in OZ have been doing it for ages and trust me, they make it look heaps easier than it is. but that speed is so additctive!:)
Who is your role model? who inspired you during your career as a bodyboarder?
Internationally: Mitch Rawlins, Mr Winchester, Hardballs and a good few others..such charges with smooth smooooooth style!Locally: Jared Houston, Pik, Daniel Worsley, Rippers i have the privilage of watching and surfing with for many years.
What gear do you ride at the moment?
I get hooked up with some epic boards from Rossi..i have 2 at the moment, one is my custom shape and the other is the Mark Watts both a good testing and loving them both.I have a nonfunctional a pair of sweet Pency Limited Edition finsAnd Lokt_in hook me up with clothing and soon to be coming wetsuits!Loving it!!
How do you see bodyboarding progressing in South Africa?
Its growing. faster and faster. every second i look away and then look again, someones done something new. towouts. then riding dungeons. and surfing bigger heavier waves.Mr Cobus Bosman discoveing new reefs as often as we're taking breathes of air. better competions and better contest veunes. THE SA BODYBOARDING SCENE IS DEFINITLY ON THE UP AND UP! and with guys like Spex, Jerry, McCarthy and Wattsy all holding there own over in Hawaii and OZ they're all doing an amazing thing fin terms of getting our SA name out there.
Any words of wisdom for the young and aspiring bodyboarder?
Set goals. Focus on getting them. whether it be in contests or free surfing. Train hard to reach them because the reward when u get them is epic. then when u reach them, set more...and LOVE attaining them.
Any last words?
Of course..Andy Raath is chilling up in Jozi marinading chicken for a living. but he'l be back. watch this kid.Rufus is an aminal who desires so much to be a full blooded rangy..look at his hair when u see him, point, laugh, the high 5 him. He's Killing it of late!!he has big things planned for this year too so keep you eyes peeled.and Mr Jarret Johnson. he doesnt think. watch him. very closely. Big thanks to Rossi and Lokt_in clothing. and i cant wait for this contest year to get started. BoOm!!everyone get to every contest u can. ride. support. throw fruit. who cares, just be there!
Thanks for your time Simon.
Here are some shots of Simon doing what he loves best! Epic!!
Revo of the ramp.....
going big on the invert...Simon going into cruise control.... yew!! dk styling!... wedge..what comes next can only be imagined....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mass Attack

Hi, So,it's been a while since my last post,I really don't want to make any excuses for not posting but you know how it goes over the holiday season.
So my boy Simon Heale has hooked me up with some awesome pics from his travels to Oz. I will post these pics over time. Don't want to give away all the epic shots in one go.
A little more about Simon Heale you ask me?
Well Simon is a hardcore charger from the Cape Town on the West Coast of South Africa...He is an all round top man and a bodyboarder of note! Simon has had his fair share of victories on the SABA circuit and represents the Western Province Bodyboarding team. Simon has also had the opportunity to travel a lot over the years. A full interview with Simon Heale is in the works.
So enough of all the formalities, here are some mind blowing pics all shot by Simon.
Dave Winchester carving this wave to pieces.....
Michael Novy taking off...

Pierre-L0uie Costes setting the line.... Jarred Houston styling....

Makes you jealous....fat slabs!

That is it for now, keep in touch for some more epic posts.